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Iris Chun-Tzu Chang

Iris Chun-Tzu Chang (TW) is an artist and researcher currently based in Taiwan.

Like sound as clay, Iris crafts her work through drawing, poetry, installation, field recording and improvised performance. Exploring embodied perception at the thresholds between the tangible/ intangible, audible/inaudible, conscious/subconscious, her research focuses on the self- propagation of memory and the coexistence between humans and non-humans. In her art practices she seeks to grasp the fragility of sonic memory as a self-therapeutic process through which tension and identity is formed, de-formed and reformed.

Her works have been exhibited and performed at home and abroad, including Hundred Years Gallery (UK), IKLECTIK (UK), Resonance FM (UK), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (TW), Weiwuying (TW), Yuejin Art Museum (TW), Xinying Cultural Center (TW), Tokyo Designers’ Week (JP) and Israeli Center for Digital Art (IL). In 2020, her work ‘moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory’ won the First Prize in Nanying Awards (new media category), which is included in Tainan City Government’s art collection.

◇  Artist's Website:

◇ Residency Period: Feb 24, 2022 - Apr 252022


2021-22 Season 3 Residency Sharing Session
Listen, 3 waves in a stone

Sharing Session: Apr 2, 2022

Event Venue: By the Sea

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