• 進駐申請:

  1. 藝術家或藝術團體,請填Google表單

  2. 藝術行政、藝評等藝術相關工作者,請填Google表單

  3. 由藝術機構推薦的藝術家。(藝術機構請洽

  • 進駐時間:以2週內為原則,但也可進行2週以上的進駐計畫。

  • 費用:免費。

  • 交流:進駐期間需進行一場藝術家座談或工作坊。

  • 設施:

  1. 兩個獨立房間及共用工作室,可提供至少兩位藝術家同時進駐。

  2. 廚房、冰箱、洗衣機、自行車。​

  • How to apply

  1. Artist and art group, please fill in google form

  2. Art administration, art critics and other art related workers, please fill in google form

  3. Artists recommended by art institutions. (Art institutions please contact

  • Residency time: Based on two weeks, but can also be planned for more than two weeks.

  • Fee: Free

  • Art exchange: Artists have to hold artist forum or workshop during residency.

  • Facilities:

  1. Two independent rooms and shared studios, allowing at least two artists to stay at the same time.

  2. Kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, bicycle.

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