志哈克藝術實驗場Gihak ArtLab 成立於2019年。這是繼斷層藝術節Fault Line Art Festival 2019 後,在花蓮建構一個當代藝術流動的平台,具開放性、實驗性。我們提供居住空間和工作室。不限藝術類型,歡迎台灣及各國藝術家、藝術相關工作者前來,可在此創作、研究、建立當地連結、舉辦座談及工作坊。


Gihak ArtLab was established in 2019.

This is an open and experimental platform for constructing a contemporary art flow environment in Hualien after the Fault Line Art Festival 2019.

We provide living spaces and studio. Gihak ArtLab welcome all kinds of artists and art related workers all around the world. Artists can create, research, build local connection and hold workshops and lecture.

The location is in the northern section of the East Rift Valley, near the Feng-Tian station. It is the immigrant village set up by the Japanese colonial government in 1910.

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